La Rioja Wine Tasting & Exploration

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May 18th – May 27th


Las Riojas Spain

Like many of Europe’s famous wine regions, Ancient Romans were the first also here to start viticulture in Rioja wine region. Once travelling in Rioja, you will discover traces of the history of the place. Rioja wine region boasts beautiful countryside dating back to medieval times, a breathtaking hilly landscape dotted with fortresses. In addition to this, here, you will be able to discover fabulous wine museums, wineries with modern architecture, great restaurants, and hotels.

Nestled in the heart of North Central Spain, not far from the vibrant city of Bilbao, lies the renowned La Rioja wine region. Despite being Spain’s second smallest region, spanning a mere 5,000 km2, La Rioja holds the esteemed title as the country’s most distinguished wine-producing area. Home to approximately 316,000 residents, this region is a wine lover’s paradise, producing some of Spain’s finest wines. Known globally for its exceptional wine quality, La Rioja is truly a testament to Spanish viticulture


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There are over 500 wineries in the area of Rioja, and more than 80 open their doors to the public to show us their vineyards, their production processes, how barrels are made, where their legendary vintages and wine collections are stored… Visiting one of these “temples of wine” is an experience for all the senses. Some of them even offer tasting courses with a diploma at the end. One place you must stop on your trip is Haro, where you’ll find some of the oldest and most famous wineries in the entire area of La Rioja. Haro’s devotion to wine is pure passion.

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