Traveler reviews

This trip was nothing short of amazing. It was so calming to not have to worry about arrangements from the airport to every thing we would experience while in Spain. Being with Lonnie and Yvette was so nice because they spoke the local language and were also so informed about the most important and wonderful things to do while in the area! We experienced places and people that I do not feel like would have been possible without them. They went above and beyond to make sure we got such a true and authentic experience while we were there. I loved the places and foods we were able to experience due to their knowledge of the area and the culture. They were so kind and did everything they could to ensure we experienced and came to love Spain as much as they do. It was an experience like none other, and I would not hesitate to book with them again!
thank y’all so much again for such a fun and eventful trip. 😘
During my recent travel adventure, I had the pleasure of joining a group of incredible women on a journey to Costa Brava Spain. Our destination was a picturesque countryside villa tucked away in the midst of a cute little country village. From the moment I arrived, I was greeted with warm smiles and a genuine sense of hospitality. The villa itself was a true gem. It exuded charm, with its rustic yet elegant architecture and spacious ambiance. But it wasn't just the villa that made this trip exceptional; it was the camaraderie and energy of the women who joined me. Each beautiful soul brought their unique stories and perspectives, fostering an atmosphere of friendship and support. We shared laughter, deep conversations, and created memories that will last a lifetime. One particular experience that stands out for me was the clay pottery creation class we attended with a local artist. Being immersed in a natural garden surroundings, utilizing ancient techniques we each created a unique work of art. I loved the experience. The garden outdoor yoga sessions were also at the top of my list. Imagine practicing yoga amidst a backdrop of nature and tranquility. It was an incredibly rejuvenating and peaceful way to connect with ourselves and the natural world around us. The skilled instructor, who was truly talented, guided us through invigorating flows and calming meditations, leaving us feeling centered and refreshed. At the end of our days, we would gather at the comfy outdoor veranda. Recounting our adventures and sharing stories under a starlit sky. We indulged in delicious, locally sourced meals that delighted our taste buds prepared by our chef Yvette, served to us in our charming open-air breakfast room. Overall, this trip was a blend of great company, did I mention amazing women, village visits, shopping, and rejuvenating activities. With a touch of art and museums which feeds my soul.
Washington State
I had an amazing time! So much to see, learn and do. I especially enjoyed the bike village tour and the guides. I also enjoyed the boat tour viewing the coastal region of Costa Brava by boat was just amazing. The food was wonderful and our hosts Lonnie and Yvette were wonderful, friendly and wanted everyone to be comfortable.
I enjoyed touring Spain with the locals. I feel it allowed us to relax more because Lonnie and Yvette had it all planned out for us. No renting cars, scheduling appointments, getting directions or figuring out the logistics of what we wanted to see. The language barrier would have been very difficult as well, without the ladies to help. I personally loved our 10 day visit to Costa Brava and Barcelona and highly recommend it!Thanks for everything❤️