Yoga Healing Retreat

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September 7th – September 15th


Costa Brava Spain

Discover a new sense of peace and tranquility with an extended time learning about yourself, stretching your mind, body and soul with our nine day yoga and Costa Brava Spain exploration retreat.

Nestled on the coastline of Costa Brava Spain, inside an historic estate your experience with us will include all the comforts and premium amenities to fully integrate and indulge all of your senses. From gourmet food to top of the line costa brava exploration experiences to mornings and afternoons full of restorative yoga and meditation we will help make this trip one of peace, tranquility, discovery and renewing of the spirit. Our goal through this journey is to help you set up to live a more present and purposeful life.


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Memorable Moments

Nina teaches Jivamukti Yoga, this method not only includes dynamic asana practice, but is always completed with a teaching of Yoga philosophy obtained from scripture and a short but effective meditation practice.

In a Jivamukti Open Class there is a special emphasis on hands-on assists for the students who want to receive them rather than the teacher demonstrating asana. This way, the student is invited to practice deep, attentive listening giving a rest to our most overused sense, sight.

The hands-on assits will not only aid in deepening the physical practice, but also in bringing presence and providing the sensation of being held.

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