The Travels & Memories of a Chef…

“It was late Fall in early November, sometime in the 1980’s…I was on a “find the perfect Kitchen Scissors” mission with my beloved mother as she led me on an adventure through the historic, mysterious gothic neighborhood of “El Barrio Gotico” in Barcelona, Spain – the most ancient quarters of Barcelona. We strolled along at […]

Things to know before visiting the Costa Brava

Looking for a travel destination that combines crystal-clear beaches and breathtaking mountain landscapes? Then, the Costa Brava, in Spain, is a great option!The Costa Brava is a scenic stretch of Catalan coastline that runs from the north of Barcelona to the French border. Picture secluded rocky coves, cute medieval villages, and stunning rugged landscapes… But […]

MARTINEZ Barcelona, Spain

Tell us about your first impressions when you arrived. Seafood and paella are typically eaten on the beach, but turns out they taste just as good halfway up a mountain. At Martínez, you can delight on steaming dishes of seafood rice and tapas on a giant wooden deck that overlooks Barcelona, the port, and the […]