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“It was late Fall in early November, sometime in the 1980’s…
I was on a “find the perfect Kitchen Scissors” mission with my beloved mother as she led me on an adventure through the historic, mysterious gothic neighborhood of “El Barrio Gotico” in Barcelona, Spain – the most ancient quarters of Barcelona.

We strolled along at a brisk pace that evening, arm-in-arm, through the beautiful cobblestone streets completely immersed in Barcelona’s magic and the joy of that special time we were sharing together…

My mother informed me that the search for the “perfect kitchen scissors” was only to be found at one place; La Gavineteria Roca.
The acclaimed knife & scissors store of artisanal craftsmanship is deservedly renowned.
Gavineteria Roca was founded in 1911 and is still THE place to go for all things sharp! QUÉ ES GANIVETERIA ROCA

Now know this very important tidbit…
EVERY shopping visit to Barcelona’s ancient Gothic Quarter MUST end at “La Dulcinea” Barcelona’s famed, artisanal Chocolate Shop! GRANJA DULCINEA – La verdadera chocolatería de Petritxo

This historic Chocolate shop is so amazing I will definitely make a future post all about it very soon!l

La Dulcinea serves the most wonderful hot, dark chocolate topped with dollops of fresh whipped cream and is known in Spain as a “SUIZO”. It is served with traditional pastries; Churros and Ensaimadas. This is hands down THE most delicious cup of hot chocolate that you will ever enjoy… no words can describe this chocolate dream. Simply Perfect.

I am so grateful to have never forgotten the sweet memories of sharing this special time with my mother that November evening; the scenic vistas, the bustling people strolling about, the varied aromas in the crisp air, the buildings of gothic architecture that held so much history… the taste of the incredibly delicious hot chocolate… it was all so perfect and beautiful, it was magical.

When I reminisce I clearly remember my mother’s laughter and feel her happiness, which equaled mine, as we shared such a special time together… my eyes tear up just remembering!

I have learned to honor Memories as our most prized possessions. They are eternal and irreplaceable.

Just like my Spanish kitchen scissors.

Author: Chef Yvette Daniel
IG: @Luxury_Sun Tours

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